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Friday, 22 July 2022


Hi, this is Anthony Hamilton again, creator of the “Mental Magic Life-Planning Workbook.

This is a binder with about 30 worksheets in it, plus some flowcharts and diagrams which help you turn your mind into a magical goal-seeking mechanism. You know, there was a book called “Psycho Cybernetics” written some years ago which explained that when you have a goal, your mind starts to work for you in a very special way.

It starts to change your focus. It changes your thinking. Not only that, but scientists have now proven that this process starts to literally change your brain. This is a remarkable piece of information which most people don’t realize.

What happens is you find you will start to notice opportunities for achieving that goal. So the important distinction is to realize the difference between a goal and a fantasy, a dream or a wish.

Now, fantasies and dreams and wishes are fine. Everybody has those and that's where everything starts, but you must realize that you need to change those thoughts, those fantasies into goals before the magic starts to happen.

The way to do this is to decide to achieve it and to commit to achieving it. Once you commit to it, you will start to see opportunities and begin to notice things that normally you don't notice.

Imagine that you decide to go to Mexico for the winter. You make that decision. What happens is something like this: you are walking downtown one day to meet a friend for coffee and out of the corner of your eye you see a sign, something about Mexico. So you turn and look and you realize hey, there's a seat sale on for airplane tickets to Mexico.

You wouldn't have noticed that, except that you decided that going to Mexico is your goal. So your mind will suddenly start to communicate with you.

You start to get new ideas. Maybe you should open a special bank account. Maybe you should sell some of that junk you've got in your garage, take the money and put it into that special Mexico bank account.

Maybe you should skip lunch once or twice or three times a week take the money that you normally spend on eating lunch and put it into that special bank account because you need to save the money to take that trip.

That's the sort of thing which happens when you commit to a goal. Your mind starts to work for you. That's the reason you need to have the goal and not just a dream or a wish or a fantasy.

One more thing.

Scientists have found that you need to not only commit to your goal, but you need to re-commit every single day. With the workbook this is easy, because you simply have to write down your goal and read it over again for as little as one minute a day. As you do, write down any ideas that come to you suggesting how you could achieve this goal.

I suggest you make a goal of getting this workbook today and start brainstorming ideas on any of the worksheets you will find inside. This pretty well guarantees that your brain will change, your ideas will change and pretty soon your life will begin to change as well.

You can get a free workbook by clicking on the link in my bio.